Grand Prix

Tournament Schedule

 May 18-20

SA Junior Tennis May Grand Prix+

 Site: Oak Alamo Heights

 Entries Close: May 14th

 San Antonio Grand Prix

 June 23-24

SA Junior Tennis June Grand Prix Doubles

 Site: Alamo Heights

 Entries Close: June 18th

 San Antonio Grand Prix

 June 29 - July 1

SA Junior Tennis June Grand Prix

 Site: McFarlin

 Entries Close: June 25th

 San Antonio Grand Prix

 July 20-22

SA Junior Tennis July Grand Prix

 Site: Alamo Heights

 Entries Close: July 16th

 San Antonio Grand Prix


Tournament Information

The Grand Prix Circuit comprises a 12-month long series of tournaments open to players not qualified for Championship or Super Championship play.

SA Junior Tennis Grand Prix+ tournaments are open to players in the top 50% of the latest Grand Prix standings as well as players qualified in the Championship division in Texas. Super Championship players are not eligible. The format is 2 out of 3 sets, no-ad scoring.

Grand Prix Websites:

 Grand Prix Home Page

 2012 Grand Prix Schedule

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