Program Description: 8 - 17 yrs old (Intermediate - Advanced)

A program designed for players who are looking for a significant improvement in the physical and mental game on and off the court. They will be well prepared when participating in either Grand Prix, Challenger, Champ, or Super Champ level tournaments.

  • This program is based on high intensity training divided into different cycles such as; conditioning, mental game, nutrition, tactical and technical strategies, live ball exercises, footwork (with our "Circle of Excellence"), etc. to help the students get a very consistent game.
  • We will increase strength, speed and overall athletic ability.
  • Our motivation and goal is not just to teach tennis, but to help our students to maximize their overall potential while learning the values needed to succeed in tennis and in life.

We offer a low player to coach ratio groups. 

These players could end up having a very good chance of playing college level and most likely with a scholarship if they are committed and consistent to practice for the next few years while playing tournaments.


Dates & Times:

This classes go year round on 4 week sessions.   

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday

Times: 5:30 - 8:00pm (including 30min conditioning every class) 

            6:00 - 8:00pm (not including conditioning)



$45 / DailyEnroll now

$320 for 4 weeks - 2 days a week  (8 classes of 2.5 hrs / includes 30 min extra of conditioning per class).Enroll now

$405 for 4 weeks - 3 days a week ( 12 classes of 2.5 hrs / includes 30 min extra of conditioning per class). Enroll now

$600 for 4 weeks - Unlimited days a week (with or without conditioning)Enroll now

*If enrolling during the session price is prorated!

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