Program Description: 10 - 16 yrs old (Beginner Advanced to Intermediate)

This program is for Middle School and Junior Varsity and Varsity High School students who are willing to play for their school or just want to try the sport along with students who want to keep improving in order to move up to higher level groups. This is a very constructive program for those players who have never played or had tennis instruction but still need work on developing basic tennis skills and fundamentals. Students are grouped and placed in groups according to age, level and ability. We offer a low player to coach ratio.

  • We will offer close attention to the pinpoint areas of improvement for the right development technically and physically.
  • We will emphasize in the 5 fundamentals of tennis helping the student to get into the rallying from the contact point really quick.
  • We will point them two of the most important factors int tennis: footwork and balance, since tennis is all about moving and hitting the ball.
  • We teach with the regular ball but for the faster improvement for those with less experience we will start teaching with the "Green Dot" balls (same size, but 25% to 10% less pressure than a regular ball) transitioning to regular balls as they are ready.

This program is a feeder program into the Elite program, so it will prepare students for Grand Prix and Challenger tournaments in order to eventually transition to the Elite program.


Dates & Times:

This classes go year round on 4 week sessions.  

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00 to 7:30pm (Fridays is make up day in case of rain)



$45 / DailyEnroll now

$160 x 4 weeks - 1 day a week (4 classes of 2hrs)Enroll now

$320 x 8 weeks - 1 day a week (8 classes of 2hrs)Enroll now

$275 x 4 weeks - 2 days a week  (8 classes of 2hrs)Enroll now

$550 x 4 weeks - 2 days a week  (16 classes of 2hrs)Enroll now

*If enrolling during the session price is prorated! But must be paid with check.

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