My daughter joined Ideal Tennis 3 weeks ago and has learn much more from Coach Miguel in the past 3 weeks, than the coach teaching tennis at the middle school Ashley attends. She is having fun and wants to continue with more lessons. Thank you.

Ashley Caraveo

Miguel is a great coach! I took a few classes with him and he really helped me to improve my skills. He understands the technical side of tennis and he knew how to work with me to help me overcome challenges. Thanks Miguel!!!

Comfort Chevannes

My daughter is 5 and she's very happy and eager to learn and improve her tennis skills with coach Miguel. He's very patient with young kids and we can't wait to start the fall after school season!

Cyntia Mendoza

My daughter has been with Ideal Tennis and Coach Miguel since she was 8 years old. She has learned a lot from Miguel and he is very patience with the children. The training he has provided has given her the skills to play and win during tournament games. Looking for forward to seeing her progress. Thank you Miguel!

Stephanie Diaz

I joined Ideal Tennis on 2013 and my kids have showed an amazing improvement since then.

I have my 3 children enrolled. My 7 yrs old is already getting ready to his first tournament.

The coaches are very dedicated to the kids and their improvement.


Thanks Miguel and the whole team!


Luisa Martinez
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